Voodeux : Bones EP

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Artist: Voodeux
Title: Bones EP
Cat-N°: MSHIP015
Format: Vinyl
Presales: December 10th 2009
Release date: February 14th 2009

Like the alien skull that adorns its cover, Voodeux’s Bones EP is certainly from another place and time. Picking up where their 2007 The Curse EP left off, sonic madmen Tanner Ross and Kilowatts have refined and sharpened their signature sound into 1,000 needlepoints, bound directly for the back of your neck. This is techno for a horror movie set in deep space. Reach for Bones if you have a crowd peaking and you want to rip their heads off. Burly slabs of bass rain down like Easter Island statues, while relentless crystalline atmospherics splinter endlessly towards the horizon. Skeleton Key is no less ominous, broadcasting its spidery main theme over an ever-evolving, increasingly paranoid chord sequence. Once the kick drops back in, the chords frost over with a layer of ice, smashing through the frame with all the subtlety of a yeti attack.


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