Merkaba visual live sets from 2006 now up on Youtube

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After only 3 years, I've finally ripped, re-encoded and uploaded some choice sets from 2006 to my merkabaVJ YouTube page.

It was after 2 years of the Abstract Science residency at Sonotheque, and we all were really steady in the groove. Chris Widman and Dave Siska were bringing great artists every month: I really enjoyed the set with Atomly especially. The thing with Future Music is, it can be 3 years later, and the stuff still sounds fresh, even if it is more familiar now to more people.

Here's a nicely synched visual mix to a DJ set by Chris Widman

This visual mix to the music by Dave Siska was all done with Grid from Vidvox, 2 DVD players, mediated by a V4 from Edirol. No realtime effects at this time, all basically edits, cuts, with a fair bit of luma-key overlays.

We have now reached cruising altitude with this visual mix to the music of Atomly

Hearing this stuff massive on Sonotheque's Funktion 1 system is incredible: the bass can vibrate the clothes on your body, the high end is incredibly crisp and present, yet you can converse without yelling.

The visual material is more accessible than the older drum-n-bass stuff I have up on my YouTube page - but Merkaba visuals is all about covering an extremely wide range of styles - there are some more wild d-n-b sets from that time that are on the way . . . in a month or three.

On the merkabaVJ YouTube page for review are a few VJ faux pas in there, but live sets are rarely flawless, and the little gremlins served as reminders not to do some of that stuff anymore.
[ahem - V4 quad-symmetry]


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