12 Most Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses

Getting the most from your square footage in a small house may take some fairly creative storage solutions. Luckily, just because you have a small home does not mean it can’t be organized with the right storage. For some storage, you may want the items to be nearby and retrievable. Using a storage container rental may be incredibly useful for other items. Every inch matters, from the floor to the ceiling.

Here are twelve clever storage ideas for small houses you can use:

Clever Storage Idea #1: Vertical Organizers

You may have lots of storage but lots of space vertically. That’s a lot of unused areas. Employ vertical organizers to create makeshift shelves in a cabinet or large storage solution.

This way, you’re not just spreading out what you’re putting in storage. You will also be safely stacking items as well.

Clever Storage Idea #2: Under-The-Stairs Storage

If you already have storage under your stairs, you’re missing out. A storage area underneath your stairs or creating drawers built into the design of your staircase are two popular storage approaches. This is a great place to put kids’ toys, extra blankets, or seasonal items.

Clever Storage Idea #3: Storage Container Rentals

A storage container rental is exactly what it sounds like. When you don’t have enough space inside your home, you can have a mobile storage container dropped off at your residence. This provides another room where you can put items you don’t have space for.

The container can be left at your home. Alternatively, it can be taken to a secure location nearby, like storage London Ontario. The container will be stored with the company you’ve made arrangements with. It’s a quick way to clear space.

Clever Storage Idea #4: Behind-The-Door Storage

Every home has doors. Behind the door is an underdeveloped storage area. Behind-the-door storage is inexpensive and allows you to declutter, containing loose items with no readied storage. For this, you can propose products like hooks for bathroom towels, shoe organizers, and pantry door organizers.

Clever Storage Idea #5: Hidden Furniture

If the purpose of the storage is to create more livable square footage, you may find storage for furniture to be a clever idea. A murphy bed is perhaps the best example of this. You sleep during the night and fold it up during the day. There are also fold-down seating and tables that can be utilized in a small house. It’s smart interior design and storage for furniture.

Clever Storage Idea #6: Custom Vertical Racks

We all have slivers of unused vertical space in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The only way to use these unusually-shaped areas is to build custom wooden racks on wheels that can be pulled out and put back in. Though this takes some woodworking skills and funds, you can gain a lot of storage if you do this a few times in a small house.

Clever Storage Idea #7: In-Floor Storage

This requires a bit of a redesign in some ways unless you already have in-floor storage. A workaround for creating storage on your floor is to use platforms in different areas of your home to elevate the flooring and add under-floor storage that pulls out.

This offers storage spots for unused bedding, clothing, shoes, equipment, tools, and other items.

Clever Storage Idea #8: Under-Seat Storage

When we sit, there is nothing underneath the seat. A kitchen chair has space underneath. The living room couch uses a box spring underneath. Although you may not want to convert all seating to seats with storage underneath, consider storage when buying extra seating for different parts of the home. For example, a bench or an ottoman shows the storage space you create using seating.

Clever Storage Idea #9: Hooks And Shelving

Although installing some hooks and floating shelves seems fairly run-of-the-mill, there are no rules stipulating what hooks and shelving should look like. You can get creative with size and shape, reimagining your space and adding some eye-catching architectural elements that weren’t previously there.

Clever Storage Idea #10: Above Doors and Windows


There is not much that happens above a door or window. In most homes, it’s bare space. In a small house, this may be somewhere to put an extra shelf. Though it may just be a few inches, it’s still somewhere you can put décor, books, knick-knacks, and other small items.

Clever Storage Idea #11: Ceiling-Mounted Storage

Ceiling-mounted storage or storage high up on the wall can create some interesting textures while pushing your storage solutions out of the way. This works amazingly inside kitchens and living rooms. Just be careful what you hang or put high up as you won’t want anything to fall accidentally due to weight.

Clever Storage Idea #12: Custom Bathroom Shelving

Bathrooms are often already tight spaces. In a small house, chances are you won’t have sizeable square footage. Even so, there are opportunities. Over-the-toilet shelving. Shelving next to or above your mirror. Storage behind your mirror. Add to that some small shelving on your bathroom countertop, and you’ve got plenty of new space to put bathroom décor, towels, and toiletries.