8 Great Signs a House Showing Went Well

The main objective of a real estate agent is to serve the client. This is done by helping them buy a home or sell a home. For selling, you need to get as many eyes on it as possible, and the best way is through a showing.

For a house showing, you can bring people in yourself. Alternatively, you can have another agent bring their clients in or stage an open house. The purpose is to allow buyers inside to see inside the home for themselves. The house showing experience is much better than looking at a listing online.

Ultimately, the best way to know if your showing went well is with an offer or multiple offers. Understanding a buyer’s mind and how they react during their walk-through is a way to gauge the success of your showing. Take this knowledge to help you prepare for your homes for sale and deliver exactly what a buyer wants.

Once you get people through, what are the signs a house showing went well? Here are several indicators that show interest.

Sign #1: Lingering house buyers

Lingering buyers is an excellent sign your house showing went well. Nobody stays where they don’t want to be. Buyers spend a lot of time researching listings and deciding what places they want to look at. Your showing will be one of many, but if they remain inside your house, going into every room multiple times, you know they are interested.

A 5-10 minute visit means they don’t like what they see, but if they are staying for an hour and lingering after everyone else is gone, you know you have them on your line.

Sign #2: House buyers focus on details

When buyers are interested in a home, they concentrate on the little things. They love the layout but envision the changes they would make to make it fit their family.

People may even start to nitpick little issues like cracks or things that would need to be replaced. This criticism is good because they are mentally planning what needs to be done and may factor it into a potential offer.

Sign #3: House buyers ask lots of questions

With interested buyers, they are in one pretty quickly, and they don’t say a word, but if they like what they see, you will get lots of questions. The usual questions people ask are square footage, pricing and closing terms.

Still, if you get inquiries about utility costs, local bylaws, neighbours or if furniture and fixtures are included, you have an interested party.

Sign #4: House buyers book a second viewing

This is a clear indication you have someone very interested. Buyers are taking time out of their day to see a property for a second time and may bring other family members and friends.

They have probably decided to put an offer in but want another look and a second opinion from someone they trust. This is a clear sign of a serious home shopper.

Sign #5: You hear from the other agent right away

Both the listing and buying agent are eager to make sales. It is a good sign to get a call from a buyer’s agent soon after their client has gone through your home.

The agent may ask questions about the firm price and if there are any other offers and flexible closing terms. They get answers to their clients’ serious questions because they are interested.

Sign #6: The house buyer wants a pre-inspection

Often an inspection is included in terms of an offer but not always. An interested buyer wants to ensure there are no major issues before they put pen to paper and, depending on the results, may write up a competitive offer immediately.

Even if issues arise during an inspection, they probably still want to buy the home at a reduced price.

Sign #7: The house buyer brings out a measuring tape

Everyone has different sized furniture and appliances, and if you have a person measuring bedrooms, living rooms and appliance openings, you have an interested buyer.

They may have already decided that the home ticks off all their boxes, but now they need to see if their stuff will fit. Let them spend as much time as needed and help hold the end of the tape too.

Sign #8: The house buyer gives positive comments

Besides getting asked questions, buyers may show their emotions and make positive comments while looking around. You will hear them talking about how they like the backsplash in the kitchen or how plush the rug is. Buyers will discuss the timing of their move with their spouse or how great the house is for hosting Christmas this year.

You may also hear them talking about their pre-approval and that they don’t want to miss out on this house. All these positive comments mean they are interested and eager to make an offer.