5 Modern Technologies Used in Water Treatment

Water is very crucial in our everyday’s activity. We need water for survival and that’s why it’s important for us to make sure that the water we consume is safe and clean. There are new methods which can be used in water purification. They are effective and affordable as well. These filtration techniques can easily help get clean water within no time. Below are 5 modern technologies used in water treatment to clear water contaminants:

1. The Use Of Nanotechnology

This term sounds scientific to most common people although it’s a very easy process. This technology uses titanium dioxide nanotechnology. Sounds technical, right? This process eliminates bacteria and other toxins in water. It also helps break down unrefined compounds with the help of ultra violet rays. The nanotechnology method does not however use the polymer-based water treatment membrane. This method is very affordable and easy to apply. It is also environmentally friendly because it helps reduce the buildup of microorganisms known to grow rapidly on drenched surfaces.

2. The RO Purification

RO purification which is commonly known as reverse osmosis is one of the most used method of water treatment. This process involves the use of membrane technology which allows it remove dissolved salts and other impurities in water. This membrane has extremely fine pores which allow only water to pass through. The water leaves behind all the poisonous substances in the water. You however have to purchase the right RO to help it maintain the vital minerals in water.

3. UV Purification

This is also known as the e-boiling method. This water purification method uses ultra-violet light to help kill bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. This is a very easy process. The purifier contains a minute mercury lamp which manufactures diminutive wave UV radiations. The radiations function by irradiating the water and piercing through the cells of the microorganisms and viruses. This in turn destroys their capability to reproduce. This method however requires other filtration processes because the dead germs remain in the water until a separate filter is introduced to help remove the dead germs physically.

4. Acoustic Nanotube Technology

This technology was developed by NASA’s Johnson Space Centre to help in water purification. The Acoustic Nanotube Technology gets rid of the contaminants in the water by using a sieve which is normally surrounded by tiny diameter nanotubes. They help push the water away from the contaminants hence allowing you collect purified water separately.

5. SunSpring System

This is a water purification system that helps distil up to 5,000 gallons of drinking water in a single day. It uses a battery that solely runs on renewable energy. It is environmentally friendly and also a cost efficient method.

These 5 modern technologies will help you treat water easily and more efficiently at the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about using chemicals in the purification methods. The Acoustic Nanotube Technology can be however tricky to use at home.