How to Keep Your Computer Workstation Functional

Whether you are someone who takes a company laptop home with you or you have your own computer work station for your small business, it is worth your time and your trouble to consider how you are going to keep it working efficiently. Computers are systems like any other, and if you do not put in the required maintenance, they are going to degrade over time. Check out these tips to keep your systems in working order.


Remember that your firewall and your anti-virus are only as good the most recent update. It is fairly simple set these programs to update automatically, so make sure that that is the setting that you choose. On the other hand, Windows updates can be a little more problematic. In many cases, the updates have been a little buggy, so consider waiting until you get the all clear from other people online before you go ahead and update your Windows. Keep your Windows updates set to manual.

Periodic Purges

Routinely take the time to go through your computer and to remove programs that you no longer need. Uninstall devices and programs that you are never going to need to run again. When you do so, you free up more processing power for your machine. Think about this like periodically going through and cleaning your desk. The less junk that is on your desk and on your computer, the more room you have to do what you want.

Skip Odd Emails

If you are someone who is deeply invested in keeping your computer free of viruses, be very wary of odd emails. While there are plenty of sneakier ways to pass viruses around, the truth is that email transmission is still one of the serious ones. Take a moment to consider any email that seems like it is worded oddly or that it is not in keeping with the person who is sending it to you. Chances are good that there is a virus on it, so make sure that you consider deleting these emails unread.

Choose a Spyware Program

Spyware is not a virus, and it is not caught by your average anti-virus. Instead, it is merely a piece of code that attaches to your computer and tracks your movements for a third party. Not only is this invasive, these programs take up processing speed, making your computer run much more slowly. Spyware is irritating to deal with, and periodic sweeps with a spyware scanner will help you remove these irritating programs from your life.

Compressed Air

If you want to maintain your computer’s physical hardware, remember that compressed air can help. Compressed air allows you to get the crumbs and debris out of your keyboard, and it also prevents this debris from being ground up in your computer’s tower.

If you are invested in making sure that your computer continues working well, there are a number of fantastic tips to keep in mind. Your computer is often directly tied to your productivity, so take a few moments to really learn what you need to do.