8 Interesting Facts About Marijuana for Beginners

Cannabis is widely recognized as a drug – that much we can mostly agree upon. The reception to marijuana, whether negative or positive, usually varies. However, it is undeniable that cannabis, in one form or another, has had a momentous impact on society.

What does need more recognition are the misconceptions surrounding the drug itself. Cannabis may be gaining ground in terms of positive representation, but there are still plenty of misconceptions regarding its usage. There has been a lot of controversy about implementing its use throughout history, whether for medicinal or recreational use.

Thankfully, the benefits of marijuana clearly outweigh the negatives. From individuals with illness, to athletes needing alternative recovery options, cannabis is here to stay as a viable, medicinal treatment. If you are new to the world of cannabis, you may like to learn these eight interesting facts about marijuana:

1. The definition of marijuana

For starters, we should define just what marijuana is. Most researchers classify it as a cannabinoid plant, containing two active compounds. One of them is known as THC, which is the psychoactive portion of the drug. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is known as CBD.

Both are these agents work in various capacities, depending on the strain of cannabis being consumed. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, and can be cultivated through multiple methods and techniques. This has led to its sustained usage in our contemporary society, having evolved to other outlets for being used and consumed.

2. How cannabis works

The effects of cannabis, although varying from proponent to opponent, are wide-ranging. Once consumed, a user may be able to feel effects such as prolonged relaxation, spontaneous laughter, increased sociability and an increased appetite.

Depending on how the cannabis is ingested, these effects can be almost immediate or can occur in a couple of hours. Each individual will experience the effects of cannabis differently, due to everyone’s unique body composition interacting with the drug. Just be responsible!

3. Different names for marijuana

Cannabis isn’t just the only term that the drug is referred to. There are a myriad of other names and terms given to the plant. Most of us know it as marijuana, but can come under many slang names as well. From ganja to Mary Jane, it is definitely a substance that is coined accordingly, depending on who you receive it from!

4. Cannabis can reduce cancer symptoms

There are many interesting facts about marijuana relating to its health benefits. One of the most well-known tendencies of cannabis is its ability to treat various diseases. Cancer is one that is the most recognized as being treatable through cannabis usage. Some studies and subsequent reports have found that cannabinoids are extremely helpful in treating symptoms related to cancer.

Not only does it heal the damage caused by cancer, cannabis is also being heralded as a means to outright eliminate cancer cells altogether. This is ground-breaking in terms of potential alternatives for battling cancer, through the potential it has to reduce tumor growth. Although there needs to be more research, the discoveries made so far are very promising.

5. Marijuana can be consumed in different ways

As many of us already know, cannabis can be consumed in many different ways. The most common form of ingesting the substance is through a joint, in which the dried leaves of the drug are smoked like a cigarette. Some users roll their own joints, if they have the applicable papers to smoke the substance with.

Others will consume cannabis via an edible format, in which parts of the leaves are used as an ingredient for foods like brownies. Or, you may see some smoking it in a vaporized format, through instruments such as a bong. Either way, the options for consuming cannabis are far and wide, with most of them growing in popularity by the months.

6. Risks of cannabis

Not all interesting facts about marijuana are positive. Even though there are many confirmed benefits of cannabis usage, particularly in the medical field, there are risks too. This is because it is still a drug at the end of the day.

Prolonged usage of cannabis, if mixed with tobacco, can result in diseases such as coronary heart disease. Or, a user risks bronchitis-like symptoms as well. Be aware of your usage, and be smart with it!

7. Commercialization of cannabis

Although it was considered illegal for a long time, and still is in some locations, businesses are capitalizing on cannabis for profit. If you live in a country where cannabis is legal, you may find multiple marijuana dispensaries nearby that sell products containing cannabis. These retailers are authorized to distribute marijuana a safe and legal way. Representatives for these stores see the potential for the substance to change minds, as they hope to advocate the drug’s benefits, not stereotypes.

8. Rastafarianism and Cannabis

Bob Marley, the iconic reggae music superstar, was a famous proponent of cannabis usage. This is because of the plant being smoked as part of the Rastafari religion. The substance is considered as sacred, with the healing properties celebrated in Rastafari circles throughout the world.