8 Most Common Spring Insects and Pests

After the harsh climate of the winter season comes to a close, the spring season inevitably arrives. Snow squalls and colder temperatures get switched out for warmer weather and blooming flowers. The unintended guests that also come with the new climate, however? Insects.

Due to the blossoming flora that overtakes fields and gardens, insects may soon swarm your local neighborhood. Some may be friendly, while others may be more hostile.

To prepare yourself for the approaching swarm, these are the most common spring insects to expect to see during spring:

1. Ants

If you have a backyard, or live near large patches of grass, anticipate the entryway of spring insects into your premises. These insects typically spend their winter season underground, allowing their larvae to develop. As soon as the warmer weather approaches, they may come out of the ground in large numbers.

On the other hand, some ants may stowaway beneath the surface and slow their bodies down to appear dead. When the spring season approaches, they surface again, and look to nearby homes for sources of food. Usually, they won’t pose a problem, unless they are of a specific type of ant. Be wary of fire ants and use pest control to get rid of them before they invade your home.

2. Spiders

Everyone’s favorite critter, depending on your arachnophobia levels, typically make their appearance during the spring. As a result of the warmer weather, spiders usually come out of hibernation in search of local food sources. This includes other smaller insects, in which they act as a sort of population controller within your premises.

For the most part, springtime spiders do not pose a physical threat. However, they can become a nuisance if they appear within your household in large numbers. Since they are typically not dangerous, it may be best to simply capture them, and release them back outdoors. You’ll do nature itself a favor by doing this.

3. Boxelders

Known for their appetite for boxelder trees, these pesky little bugs usually come out in large numbers during the spring season. You can usually identify them by their outward appearance. Boxelder bugs are, for the most part, dark grey and covered in red stripes.

In addition, like other springtime insects, boxelder bugs do not pose a physical threat. However, they can come out in large numbers if they are left to fester. To prevent them from accessing your interiors, ensure any cracks inside are properly sealed.

4. Mosquitoes

The dreaded mosquito is one such insect that differs from the rest of the pack. This is because they are infamous for the threat they pose, in which they are attracted to your skin. If a few of these insects land on your exterior, you may become their prime source of sustenance.

Mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in standing water, which subsequently hatch when the temperatures become warmer. If there are sources of standing water around, be sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may be facing a swarm of them when spring arrives.

5. Wasps

Although you can expect to see bees buzzing around during spring, wasps can be a more common occurrence. Like many other insects, they lay their eggs during the winter, which then hatch when warmer weather approaches. If you know wasps are nearing your household, use extreme caution. The best approach to dealing with them is simply staying away at all times.

6. Butterflies

Butterflies may be considered to be the friendliest of all spring insects, and not without good reason. Their colorful patterns, coupled with their friendly presence, allows us to gaze at their striking appearance. Most of us know of the evolution of a caterpillar, to a cocoon, to a butterfly. So, don’t be afraid to let them flutter near you!

7. Beetles

These insects, like bees, are a varied species. However, during the spring season, many variations are likely to appear. The ground beetle is the most common insect to make its presence known, and will always be on the hunt for local food sources. This usually means they’ll be looking for your food, so act accordingly if they are in your household.

8. Earwigs

When we think of invading insects, earwigs usually come to mind. This is because they are infamous for always finding a way into our households. For the most part, they don’t pose a significant threat to you. However, some come equipped with sharp pincers. They will use these on you, should you come within their vicinity. Always use caution!

The spring season comes with beautiful scenery, as well as the incentive to dress lighter. However, some insects may impede on your ability to enjoy the warmer weather accordingly. If you find that they are posing a huge problem, consider hiring a professional pest control service. They will take of the issue that you cannot manage yourself!