A Guide to the History of Sex Toys

Sex is a part of human culture forever, yet many things have been shrouded in mystery and misinformation. One particular example is the history of sex toys. Sure, we all know about those rubber dildos with no real back story; but ever wonder how far it goes?

Where did these unique items originate from? Let’s explore the fascinating past of sex toys to delve further into their history and development.

What is the History of Sex Toys?

Adult sex toys have been around for centuries, with the earliest examples dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. In these cultures, dildos were made from leather, wood, and stone. They were used for pleasuring women and gaining sexual knowledge.

By the middle ages, sex toys had become more elaborate and began to take on a more phallic shape, with some even having veins and ridges. During the Victorian Era, sex toys began to become more discreet. While still used for sexual pleasure, they were designed to look like everyday objects, such as walking sticks or medical tools.

This allowed them to be kept out of sight from prying eyes. The invention of rubber and plastic sex toys in the 1950s saw a huge increase in the production of sex toys, as they were much easier to produce.

From the 1970s onwards, sex toys have become increasingly available. We now see a range of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys widely available on the market. The technology has also advanced significantly, with the latest models featuring pulsating and rotating functions.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Sex Toys Today?

The most popular sex toys today are vibrators and dildos. Vibrators come in various shapes, sizes, and functions, from tiny egg-shaped bullets to larger, more powerful vibrators designed for various pleasures. Dildos, meanwhile, are an essential item in any toy box and come in a range of materials such as jelly rubber, silicone, and even glass.

Anal toys are also popular with many people looking to explore anal stimulation. Anal beads, butt plugs, and prostate massagers are some of the most popular items in this category. Other popular toys include love dolls, cock rings, and role-play accessories.

How Can I Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys are a great way to explore your sexuality and add spice to your sex life. Whether you’re looking for solo pleasure or want to enjoy them with a partner, there’s something for everyone. Start by introducing them slowly and experimenting with different sensations until you find what works best.

Don’t forget the importance of lube when using toys, as it can make for a more pleasurable experience. For those new to sex toys, your best bet is to visit a reputable sex shop or check out online stores. The staff and websites are designed to help you find the perfect toy for you.

Increased Pleasure

One of the main benefits of sex toys is increased pleasure, as they can help you reach orgasm much quicker and easier than manual stimulation. They can also provide intense stimulation, allowing you to explore different sensations that may be difficult with just your hands.

Sexual Exploration

Using sex toys is a great way to explore your sexuality and experiment with different sensations. Whether you’re looking for solo pleasure or want to enjoy them with a partner, they can help you discover new erogenous zones and add some spice to your sex life.


Sex toys can also be used as foreplay or during intimate moments, helping to build the connection between you and your partner.

Are There Any Health Concerns With Using Sex Toys?

Despite the range of benefits, a few considerations exist when using sex toys. When choosing and using a toy, make sure it is made from body-safe materials such as silicone, and avoid items with phthalates that can cause skin irritation.

It’s also essential to keep your toys clean before and after use, as this helps prevent the spread of any infections or diseases. As long as you take these precautions, there’s no reason why sex toys can’t be a fun and pleasurable part of your sexual life.

How Do I Clean My Sex Toys?

Cleaning your sex toys should be done after each use to ensure they remain safe and hygienic. The best way to clean them is by using a sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water and then drying them with a clean cloth.

Ensure you avoid abrasive materials such as scourers, which can damage the toy’s material. It’s also important to store your toys in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help them last longer and maintain their effectiveness.

Where Can I Buy Sex Toys?

Sex toys are widely available both online and in physical stores. If you want to buy sex toys, your best bet is to visit an adult store or check out online retailers. Read product reviews and descriptions carefully before purchasing to understand what the toy offers.

Sex toys can be a great way to explore your sexuality and add spice to your sex life. As long as you take the necessary precautions, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be an enjoyable part of your sexual experiences.

So, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life and explore new sensations, why not give sex toys a try? Contact us to learn more about the range of sex toys available and how to get the most out of them.