Drone Review: Matrice 100

Matrice 100

The Matrice 100 is perhaps one of the best commercial drones for sale for professionals and hobbyists alike. While the kids may love it, this expensive piece of equipment is definitely something that should be kept in the hands of responsible pilots. Aside from excellent control and a very long battery life, the optional Guidance system is a marvel to behold as it effortlessly protects your UAV from potential threats.

Battery Life

One of the best things about the Matrice 100 is its long battery life. So many UAVs die in less than 30 minutes, but this model is able to stay in the air for 40 minutes with the lowest payload. While that time will decrease if additional weight is applied, you can still expect a long flight time even if the unit is weighed down. The lightweight carbon frame also ensures stable flight during use.


Like many other drones, the Matrice 100 can connect to an Apple or Android device, and there is even the DJI app that you can use to program circuits and complex tasks. While this is par for the course, one of the most interesting things is that you can connect the Oculus Rift to this unit to see through the camera.


DJI sells many accessories and cameras that you can connect to the Matrice 100. Many people consider this unit a blank slate because it’s very easy to customize the parts, torque, flight patterns and so much more until it fits your particular preferences.

Safety and the Guidance System

The Guidance system is a sight to behold. Unlike other drones that will just fly into trees or other obstacles, the Guidance system effortlessly avoids anything that gets in its way. The unfortunate thing is that the Guidance system is an extra $1,000, but it really protects the unit from damage.

Another safety feature is the landing pads. They have been extended and softened to react better to hard landings, and there is programming installed to avoid overly harsh landings.


The drone itself is around $3,300, but it can come to $4,300 with the Guidance system. As stated, the Guidance system is truly worth it if you commonly operate drones in areas with many obstacles. While this is expensive compared to other units, the battery life and superior customization are definitely worth it.


The Matrice 100 drone is by no means a toy or cheap drone, but it delivers amazing performance that you won’t get with any other unit. From programming complex tasks to making it meet your exact demands, add¬†drone will be the new center piece of your collection.