How to Use E-Cigarettes: A Beginner’s Guide

Smoking, as a general pastime, has been around for generations, with many individuals around the world sparking up daily. However, as you’d might expect, the dangers and negative health effects that come with it are almost as famous as the activity itself. That is why many have tried to make the switch to a better alternative overtime.

The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has taken the world by storm, and can come in a variety of formats. Not only can these be much safer when in use, but it can help individual’s curb their smoking habits entirely. If you are trying to find a way to cut down on your own cigarette use, make the switch. E-cigarettes can be bought in a vape shop, so try ordering one and see if you like it.

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to use e-cigarettes:

E-Cigarette Parts

You should understand some common terminology associated with e-cigarettes. There is the mouthpiece, which is essentially a cartridge attached to the end of a tube. The atomizer is also a pivotal part of the e-cigarette, which heats up the liquid and inevitably vaporizes it.

E-cigarettes also come equipped with a battery, which helps to power up the heating element. The solution, which is probably the most important part, can be unique to each user as well. It is commonly referred to as an e-liquid, which is a combination of nicotine and flavour.

E-Cigarette Kit

Even the most veteran e-cigarette smokers started somewhere, when trying them out. For those who are new to this type of smoking, it may be wise to begin with a kit. An e-cigarette kit is essentially a starter pack containing multiple components. Usually, a rechargeable battery will be contained inside.

In addition, you may also find a charger and a nicotine liquid cartridge for the actual e-cigarette. Kits can also come in two formats; disposable and rechargeable. The former can be disposed of after a specific amount of usage, while the latter can be recharged as required. A good starter kit may be a bit pricier, but is worth it in terms of quality.

How to Charge E-Cigarettes

Should you decide to proceed with the starter kit, your initial step will have to do with charging the battery. For the most part, an e-cigarette’s battery won’t be fully charged once out of the box. Ensure that the battery is attached to the e-cigarette, and wait for the charging light to kick in.

It is important to also be aware of when you should charge the device. Once the e-cigarette is running low on power, be sure to start the process. Doing so when they are at fifty per cent can actually drain their use in the long term. A full charge from zero to one hundred goes a long way!

How to Use E-Cigarettes

Once your e-cigarette is primed for usage, conduct a preliminary puff at first. This is done to test out the device, to ensure that all components are in working order. A quick inhale into your mouth will allow you to test the device effectively. Once the first draw is successful, inhale slowly.

This next draw should be slow and methodical on your end. Try your best to not draw the vapour into your lungs; it should always fill your mouth at first. You’ll also want to make sure that you do not swallow the vapour as well! Doing this mistakenly can affect your lungs in a harmful manner.

How to Hold E-Cigarette Vapour

After you have done some trials with the e-cigarette, you should have become comfortable with the process. The next important part is to determine how long you should be holding the vapour. Once the vapour is inside your mouth, a good amount of time is three seconds. Or, you may also try to hold it between three to five seconds as well.

After this has been completed, you can exhale slowly. You are encouraged to exhale the vapour either through your nose or through your mouth. Each user will have an exhale method that they are comfortable with; to each their own!

How to Enjoy E-Cigarettes

As it pertains to feeling the effects of the nicotine in the e-cigarette, you’ll have to wait. To fully feel the effects, it should take about thirty seconds in total. E-cigarettes are different than traditional cigarettes, so the actual effect will vary from user to user.

E-Cigarette Flavours

If you are not satisfied with the flavour in your e-cigarette, you can always switch it out for another one! Some smokers prefer to experiment with different tastes, in order to maximize their e-cigarette usage.

Despite having some risks, e-cigarettes can still be a good alternative to traditional cigarettes at the moment. Should you want a better way to cut down on your nicotine usage, you should give these a shot!