Top 5 Reasons Your Product Packaging Is Important for Your Business

Packaging isn’t that important, right? Many businesses are still under the assumption that shipping boxes only need to get the products to their destination without damage. However, this way of thinking is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Thinking that the packaging of a product is not as important as the product itself is misguided. The packaging of a product communicates a variety of messages to its consumers. This is why it is so important to consider the various factors involved in developing a brand packaging.

Reasons Your Product Packaging is Important

1. It Makes Your Products Stand Out From Others

One-third of a consumer’s decisions are influenced by the packaging of a product. To stand out from the crowd, your brand packaging must be unique and stand out from the competition. For instance, Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast is a product that comes in a cannon ball-shaped bottle. This packaging makes it difficult to forget. You may find it useful to visit Mitchel Lincoln for more information.

2. Packaging Colors and Designs Can Sway Purchase Habits

The colors used on a product’s packaging are also linked to how a person’s brain responds to them. According to experts, the more sophisticated a product’s packaging is, the more it is attractive. Other colors, such as blue, can also have various meanings. For instance, a light blue is considered more playful while a dark navy is regarded as professional.

3. Packaging Can be Used as a Marketing Tool

Creating a compelling and attractive packaging design is a vital part of a marketing campaign. Aside from being able to catch the attention of potential customers, it also helps keep the consumers’ memory of the product intact.

4. Great Packaging Can Create Brand Recognition

Take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite brands and their packaging. Some of these companies, like Coke, have stayed true to their original look over the years. Keep in mind that many recognizable companies have had a hard time dealing with the backlash they received from their customers after they made major changes to their packaging.

5. Boxes Can Convey Product Information

Most businesses have a lot of information they would like to convey to their customers. Your shipping boxes can be a great place to add this information. A good packaging design can help you provide your customers with all the information they need to know about a product. Instead of being in-person to tell them all of the details, packaging can provide them with plenty of helpful information.

Aside from being used to advertise, shipping boxes can also serve as a way to build a brand and protect a product. When planning a strategy for your packaging, make sure the materials and supplies you use are compatible with both your brand and the products you’re selling.