10 Best Bed Alternatives That Are Comfortable and Practical

To some, the bed is one of the most sacred furniture pieces in the house. It’s asylum from the outside world; a place where, after a long day, they can retreat into a fortress of pillows and blankets. It’s a soft, beautiful end to an otherwise hard-edged world. There, they cannot be touched.

To children, it serves as both punishment and pleasure. “Go to your room” or “Go to bed” can be a stark, harsh rebuke of behaviour or it can be a reassuring, gentle push into REM sleep. At times, it can be frightening, leaving a child vulnerable and victim to their own imagination. What’s under the bed, the shadows appearing near it, house creatures of the unknown.

And to others, it’s just a place to crash. This is most common in one’s college years, when a long night of 20-something debauchery ends early the next morning in an alien room or, at the very least, on a couch. Whatever your preference or age, a bed can be many things, even when it’s not necessarily designed to be for sleep.

The following list contains the top ten bed alternatives that are both comfortable and practical:

1. Vertical Bed

This bizarre, modern spin on a traditional bed is exactly what it sounds like. Perfect for those who can sleep just about anywhere, it’s simply a wall-mounted cushion that can surround its inhabitant. It vaguely resembles something one would see in an art installation, particularly when it’s exclusively in white. If you are capable of falling asleep on your feet, this might be one of the most interesting bed alternatives to experience.

2. The Ohm Bed

For those with tight living spaces, the Ohm is perfect. A foldable, transformable bed that can also break into two separate beds or a bench when necessary, it’s modern design and thin frame is especially convenient for when one needs to pack away their sleeping quarters in style. Gone are the days of the bed that folds in and out of the wall a la a 1970s sitcom apartment; this isn’t a dissimilar concept, but the appearance is much more tasteful.

3. The Private Cloud

Some of the earliest formative memories a child has is that of its mother rocking them back and forth lulling them into a sense of security, comfort and eventually sleep. The private cloud hails back to that feeling, a mattress atop two upside down arches, for those that want that same kind of feeling. The gentle rocking might be exactly what one needs to be coaxed into a quiet, relaxing night.

4. The Feel Deluxe

If one enjoys the feeling of exercising on a medicine ball or yoga, the Feel Deluxe is a perfect choice. Consisting of 120 tiny, soft balls, each one massages the body, massaging every inch of the user. It’s one of the most comfortable bed alternatives on this list.

5. Hammock Bed

When one thinks of a hammock, they often daydream about summers spent in the yard, laying at peace with a good book or a can of beer, ready to fire up the barbecue at will. The hammock bed is the most laid back of all options, all the while allowing that same summer sense of weightlessness. It’s also handy for storage, as it can be taken down and moved at will.

6. Magnetic Floating Bed

Some believe in the healing power of magnets; that they possess a property otherwise untapped in society. This Japanese addition uses the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets that allow it to float just above the floor. A full-sized model can hold up to 900 kilograms  in weight. It’s understated, stark-yet-subtle appearance works well in a room with a minimalist approach in design.

Moreover, just for novelty’s sake, it’s somewhat entertaining sleeping in something that appears to have been taken from Harry Houdini.

7. The Fetal Position Bed

Much like the Private Cloud, the Fetal Position offers one a chance to return to their infant years – only very literally. It’s simply a very thin, contorted matress. Make certain, however, that you don’t toss and turn, as there isn’t much wiggle room (pun intended). This bed alternative is by far the most impractical of options.

8. The Trix

The Trix bed serves much the same purpose as a futon, in that it can be used as a seat by day and bed by night. In this case, it’s comprised of three differently sized cushions that can be separated and moved at will.

The Trix is one of the most popular bed alternatives due to its versatility. It can double as an Ottoman, a lounge chair, an arm chair or a full-bed.

9. The Cardboard Bed

Behold, the power of cardboard. On it’s own, it’s breakable, easy to tear or cut, but stack enough, it’s near-impenetrable. Made of 7 millimeter thick cardboard pieces that fold like an accordion with a another slab on top, the bed can also double as a table.

10. The Giant Brush Bed

Because who hasn’t seen a swimming pool noodle and thought, “I’d like to sleep in a pile of those.” The Giant Brush is made of material softer than the styrofoam noodle, but the appearance is the same.