14 Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas for New Moms

Welcoming a new baby into the world is always a reason to celebrate. Usually, everyone showers the new babe with gifts, and it’s easy to forget that mom deserves to be celebrated. Picking out the right gift for her can seem like a tough job. A gift basket full of meaningful and practical items is the perfect way to spoil mom, whether it’s her first baby or she’s a seasoned pro.

Bringing home a newborn is amazing, exhausting, stressful, and exhilarating all at the same time. Moms deserve to be pampered, and gift baskets Canada are a perfect way to show the new mom in your life that you care about them and are excited about their new parenting journey.

Here are some ideas to curate the perfect care package.

Idea #1: Simple Beauty Products

It’s no secret that new moms rarely get time to spend on themselves. Simple products like dry shampoo, mascara and scrunchies will give them easy ways to freshen up and feel human again.

Idea #2: Lanolin Cream

If the new mom is breastfeeding, she may experience cracked or bleeding nipples. Lanolin cream helps to alleviate pain and boosts the healing process.

Idea #3: Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow helps keep the baby in the correct position during feeding time. It allows the mom to relax her back while providing good support. And don’t let the name fool you; these pillows are great for bottle-feeding mamas too.

Idea #4: Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for everyone and especially crucial for a new mom. A reusable water bottle makes a great addition to a postpartum gift basket. Choose an easy-to-open straw top so it can be operated one-handed. She’ll appreciate it while her hands are full with the new baby!

Idea #5: Manual Breast Pump

If the new mom in your life has chosen to breastfeed, a manual breast pump is an excellent addition to a gift basket. A manual pump is comfortable, convenient, and easily portable. It can help boost supply. It can be used for quick relief when mom and baby are on the go.

It can also collect milk on one side while feeding on the other. They are hands-free, easy to clean and a great alternative to an electric pump when Mom wants to express milk with minimal effort.

Idea #6: Healthy Snacks

After the delivery, recovering from childbirth and keeping up with the demands of caring for a newborn are extremely taxing. Add in that sleep will be hard to come by in the beginning, and it’s no wonder that a new mom’s physical and mental stamina might suffer.

You can help make things easier by stocking them up with healthy grab-and-go snacks. Protein bars, dried fruit and popcorn are all great options to add to a gift basket.

Idea #7: Long Phone-Charging Cord

It’s common: mom is trapped under a feeding or sleeping baby when her phone dies, and she’s left staring at the wall. A long, high-quality charging cord will prevent that from happening, allowing her some much-deserved distraction.

Idea #8: Nursing Pads

You can purchase disposable nursing pads or reusable ones. They are suitable for any new mom, regardless of if they plan to breastfeed or bottle feed.

Idea #9: Postpartum Belly Wrap

Swelling and pain are symptoms experienced by many women after giving birth. A belly wrap is designed to help ease the pressure and support the abdomen and lower back. Belly bands can also help with diastasis recti and alleviate pain from a c-section incision.

Idea #10: Sitz Bath Soak

After a vaginal birth, it’s normal to experience inflammation and discomfort. A sitz bath soak helps reduce swelling and soothe the soreness after childbirth. You can buy them premade or mix up a batch with baking soda, Epsom salts, and soothing herbs such as lavender and calendula.

Idea #11: Memory Journal or Scrapbook

Most parents suffer from a lack of sleep for the first few months after a baby goes by in a whirlwind. It’s no surprise that being tired can make it hard to remember things! Help the mom in your life preserve precious memories and milestones with a cute journal or scrapbook.

Idea #12: Ibuprofen

The uterus doesn’t stop contracting after the baby arrives. These afterpains can start the second day after giving birth and often last seven to ten days. New moms also experience perineal discomfort and pain. Taking ibuprofen after pregnancy and while breastfeeding is safe, so a bottle in your care package is a thoughtful addition.

Idea #13: Heating Pad

Postpartum aches and pains are common and can last for months. Whether you choose an electric heating pad or a microwavable one, any new mom will appreciate the soothing relief that heat can provide.

Idea #14: Diapers and Wipes

New parents can never have too many diapers and wipes. For the first little while, a baby can easily go through ten or more daily diaper changes, which adds up quickly.