5 Reasons to Take up DNA Tests

Studies reveal that more than 6000 diseases can be determined by taking a DNA test. Also, you can prevent fatal outcomes by taking a DNA test to diagnose or understand the risks of the diseases early enough. DNA tests are increasingly becoming accessible and affordable than in the past because of their uses. Ancestry DNA test helps you to understand your genetic makeup better than before.

1. Forensic science

DNA tests uniquely identify a person; thus, the chances of making errors during an investigation are low. Consequently, several criminal cases are solved by taking DNA tests of the suspects. DNA testing is a better and more effective way of identifying criminals at a crime scene than other methods than fingerprints. DNA from blood, skin, and hair at the crime scene are matched with the DNA of the suspects in rape and murder cases. Therefore, DNA tests can prove your innocence in a criminal case.

2. Disease screening

The world today is filled with diseases, and most of them are genetic diseases. One of the most significant areas of DNA research is medical research and genetics. DNA testing enables the discovery of diseases and enhancing the ability to diagnose diseases early. People who are planning to be parents are advised to take DNA tests to determine if they are carriers of genes that might result in certain conditions and if the genes are present in other family members. The results of the DNA tests could affect the decision of the couple on whether they should consider bearing biological children or consider adoption. Also, the DNA test is essential for women who want fertility treatments.

3. Find out ancestry

Everyone wants to know where they come from, or their roots. An ancestry DNA test enables people to discover their ethnic origins close to 1000 years back. The results of the test give you an estimate of the origin that your DNA matches up with so that you are sure of your ethnicity or background. The test allows you to find links to your past and connect with your ancestors.

4. DNA in agriculture

DNA tests have also played an integral role in agriculture to modify crop varieties. Generic modification of types of crops is essential in coming up with disease-resistant crops and enhance crop yields. Additionally, DNA testing has been used to enhance animal breeds and make plants resistance to insects.

5. Establish paternity

One of the primary reasons people take up DNA tests is to establish paternity. A DNA test enables fathers to be sure that they are the biological father of the child when they are not sure about it. Also, DNA testing in establishing paternity is vital in obtaining child support or the right to visit a child.