7 Best Ways on How to Get Wine Stain Out of Clothes

Nothing beats unwinding at the end of the day with a glass of your favourite wine. Whether it is red or white, chilled or room temperature, the beverage is a great way to just relax. A glass of your favourite wine ordered online could be used as a means of connecting with your friends and family over a hot meal.

The only downside to this delectable drink is that things can potentially become messy. Say, for instance, someone accidentally bumps into you. If you aren’t careful, the wine will spill directly onto your chosen attire. This can pose numerous problems, particularly because wine stains are a nuisance.

Should this happen to you, follow these seven methods on how to get wine stain out of clothes:

1. Act Quickly

The best way to get wine stain out of clothes is to act quickly. This piece of advice can go for pretty much any mess that is spilled onto your clothes.

The less time wasted on an active stain means that it will be removed without residue left behind. In regards to wine, be sure to treat the stain as quickly as you possibly can. Once the stain is set, it becomes a bit more difficult to remove.

2. Immediate Blotting

Once you got the wine stain on your clothes, grab a clean white cloth. This will be your first step in treating and reducing the overall mark of the stain. When it comes to blotting, you’ll want to do so in a thorough and methodical manner. Start from the outside of the stain, and work your way in.

One thing to keep in mind is the motion of your blotting. You do not want to rub the area at any point. This will only serve to spread the stain that the wine has made, making matters potentially worse. Blotting is ideal for soaking up the wine left behind, so that removing the stain becomes simpler.

3. Baking Soda

After you have immediately diagnosed the issue, you’ll now have to tend to the stain itself. Thankfully, there are a bunch of ideal solutions that are do-it-yourself in nature. The best one? Use some salt or, ideally, some baking soda.

After blotting thoroughly with your cloth, flush out the stain with cold water. This will make it ready for the baking soda fix to come. Sprinkle a moderate amount onto the stain, and wait three minutes. Then, flush the area again with some cold water. Blot out the area, until you see that the stain has completely been removed.

4. Club Soda

If baking soda is not readily available, club soda should be a viable alternative. This beverage will, for the most part, be stocked in your home for your Friday night gatherings. If not, they are inexpensive to purchase, and tasty to boot! After blotting the affected spot, flush it with a small amount of club soda to remove the stain.

5. Dish Detergent & Hydrogen Peroxide

A combination of these two ingredients is one of the most effective wine stain removers. Just ensure that your affected clothing is compatible with hydrogen peroxide first. It is considered to be a soft bleach, and may irreparably harm your clothing if it isn’t well-matched. First, apply both ingredients to the stain in question.

You should be able to see the stain fade away in real time once the effect begins to work. After the stain has been removed, throw the article of clothing into the laundry. Once you have taken it out, it will be completely cleaned and unblemished by the affected wine stain.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

Similar in vein to the solution before it, rubbing alcohol is the go-to method for getting rid of challenging stains. This is especially true for wine stains, and works as effectively as one would think. To begin with, rinse the affected area lightly or gently flush it with cold water. This will get it primed for the actual solution.

Add some rubbing alcohol to a small cloth. Then, methodically blot the wine stain with the cloth. Work your way inside from the outer perimeter. After doing this correctly, the stain will effectively dissipate.

7. Lemon & Salt

You’d be surprised at just how effective the combination of lemon and salt is. This blend works by first adding some of the lemon’s juice to the stain. The acidity, coupled with the subsequent table salt, will work almost instantaneously. Once the stain has faded, wash the clothing with cold water, which will remove it for good.

Getting rid of wine stains can seem like a challenge. It isn’t, however. Don’t feel too worried if you don’t act on it immediately; there are effective fixes available. Once you have successfully implemented one of them, the stain should be gone for good. Then, you’ll be back to enjoying your usual glass of red in no time!