3 Ways Big Data Courses Could Further Your Career

Today’s white collar jobs involve the use of a lot of technology. In order to make any sense of all of the data that is collected by computer systems, it is important to take big data courses. The big data analytics makes it easier for you to take the data provided by consumer interactions and put it to use in order to grow your business and advance your career.

Consider these three ways in which attendance at a big data university could help to take your career to new places.

1. Increased Ability to Get More Sales

After completing the prerequisites for big data certification, you will have an increased ability to get more sales. This could be a boon for your career if you work in a job that awards you a commission or bonuses based on your amount of sales.

You could use big data to find out which target audience would be the most likely to make a purchase of a particular product or service. Having this information would help you to make the most of your time. Rather than spending your time contacting people who would have a low conversion rate, you could use the information gleaned in your prerequisites to contact the right target audience.

2. Develop Strong Customer Relationships

Another good use for big data is the development of strong customer relationships. The big data definition includes the collection of defined pieces of data and the use of specific codes for keeping track of different types of data.

For example, your company’s computer system might use category codes for a person’s age, location, income, race, ethnicity, marital status and other demographic bits of data. You could put this information to use when setting up email marketing campaigns or targeting special offers at a specific audience.

If you wanted to market a maid service to young professionals, you could use the big data to hone in on the target demographic.

3. Create New Methods of Marketing Products and Services

With big data courses, you could learn the skills that would help you to create new methods of marketing products and services. You could also use analysis of the big data to tweak your current marketing strategies.

For example, your big data could show that pay per click ads on social media are a better generator of leads and conversions compared to emailed discount offers. This might help you to expand your scope of pay per click ads or develop a variety of different ads or promotional videos in order to take advantage of the big audience that can be reached through the various social media platforms.

For more insights, Schulich School of Business has resources and information available on their website.