7 Different Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

We can’t deny that we live in a digital world. Most of us communicate through emails, text messages, and social media platforms on a daily basis. We shop online, watch videos or play online games to get entertained, and some of us even learn or work from our computers or mobile devices.

Direct mail marketing is considered a powerful marketing tool. Many people enjoy receiving postcards, flyers, or catalogs through the mail, especially if they are well designed and engaging. With a direct mail marketing campaign, you have more chances of reaching out to the people who need your products or services, and to get them to engage with your brand.

Before creating your own campaign, learn about these seven benefits of direct mail marketing:

Benefit #1: Many of us simply love receiving direct mail

Do you feel like receiving just one thing through the mail is more exciting than receiving 20 new emails in your inbox? Many people feel that way as well. Finding a postcard or a personalised catalog in your mailbox can be a lot of fun! As a result, the direct mail you send will have a greater chance of being read.

If the recipients find your ad beautiful or useful, they could even keep it for some time. Direct mail is also ideal if you know that your target audience isn’t very present online.

Benefit #2: Direct mail can be personalised for each recipient

Many people are more likely to read the mail they receive if it’s personalised. It’s possible to personalise your direct mail with the name and address of each recipient, but you could do much more than that.

It’s now possible to use smart data to target the audience you want to reach. You could, for example, send a different ad depending on where the recipients live, or only send catalogs to customers who have purchased something from you in the past.

A personalised direct mail campaign is easy to set up, and sure to deliver more results.

Benefit #3: People feel more connected to printed material than to digital material

The ability to connect with your target market is an interesting benefit of direct mail marketing. We interact with a lot of digital content each day. However, printed material, since it can be picked up and touched, feels a lot more real and valuable than some text and a picture on a screen.

Direct mail can generate a stronger emotional response than emails or social media ads. And those who read your postcard or flyer will be a lot more likely to understand, and to remember the information they have read. They might also be more likely to pay attention to your call to action.

Benefit #4: It can be easy to catch the recipient’s attention

Sending personalised mail is a good start, but there is a lot more you can do to catch the attention of your mail’s recipients. Why not send them a coupon, or details of a special offer that isn’t available anywhere else?

You could also send out free samples of your products, or design a card or a flyer that the recipients will be happy to interact with.

It’s up to you to get creative and to make your direct mail campaigns unique and memorable.

Benefit #5: Direct mail helps build brand trust

Posting online ads is so easy that anyone can do it. As a result, many of the ads customers see online don’t look like they can be trusted. This can lead them to ignore all the ads they see.

Direct mail, on the other hand, helps build brand trust. The people who receive your mail and interact with it will see you as a legitimate company, and will be more likely to pay attention to your online ads and social media posts if they see them online.

Plus, you will have less competitors if you send direct mail instead of only focusing on digital marketing.

Benefit #6: You should see a high return on your investment

Compared to digital ads, direct mail should allow you to see a much higher return on your investment. Sending mail is more expensive that creating an online ad, but since the recipients are more likely to read it, to trust it, and to respond to it, it’s easy to see how direct mail is more cost effective.

The more targeted, personalised and memorable your direct mail is, the more sales you should make.

Benefit #7: Direct mail marketing can complement a digital marketing campaign

Trying direct mail marketing doesn’t mean you should forget about digital marketing. Another benefit of direct mail is that it can be a part of a bigger marketing strategy. Your direct mail and your online marketing campaigns can complement each other, so your targeted audience will be more likely to notice and to remember you.