What Do Couriers Deliver: 7 Common Types of Packages

A courier provides door-to-door delivery service for a variety of clients, including hospitals, banks, retail stores, and dental offices, to name a few. They typically deliver documents and packages for individuals, businesses, institutions, and government agencies. Couriers usually travel by automobile, delivery truck, or bikes in crowded cities.

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, a lot of courier services offer two-day or same-day delivery services. This means more couriers are delivering packages, in virtually no time at all.

Here are seven popular types of packages that couriers deliver every day:

1. Medical Supplies

Couriers deliver almost everything, but one of their most critical deliveries is the medical supplies. Medical supplies need to be delivered every day to hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, labs, and any other place that needs them. Without couriers getting these essential supplies to where they need to go, medical professionals would not have the tools they need to treat people that have fallen ill or need testing in a timely manner.

Couriers also deliver blood, urine, and other samples to labs for testing. They make multiple trips per day to ensure patients are getting results as quickly as possible.

Couriers take lots of care to use special bags when delivering medical supplies or samples, especially if they require refrigeration.

2. Legal or Financial Documents

Couriers don’t just deliver goods; they also deliver legal or financial documents. This may be for a law firm that needs to send important documents that need to be delivered into a person’s hands or for banks that are moving financial paperwork around.

Couriers may also be delivering paperwork for various government agencies.

This requires that couriers abide by confidentiality rules and that they deliver all paperwork in a professional and timely manner.

3. Small Consumer Items

Couriers deliver a vast array of small consumer items on a daily basis. Anywhere from shave gel, to bedding, to clothing. Anything you can order online from online retailers and big-box stores can and will be delivered by a courier.

You may see a courier pull up to your home in a delivery truck or even their own car. It all depends on the company they work for.

Regardless of the company, couriers are well suited to deliver your goods as they must adhere to strict delivery policies and procedures.

4. Furniture

If you’re ordering your furniture from any number of online retailers that offer them, chances are good that your items will be delivered by a courier.

With more and more retailers moving their products to online shops, and more online shops in general popping up, it’s now become more popular to purchase these items online, without even visiting them in person.

Some of the appeal of online shopping is that most companies will take your items back if you’re not satisfied. You can even try out mattresses, which get delivered in a box, for 100 days and return it at the end of that period if you are not completely satisfied.

This means that not only do couriers deliver items, but in some cases, they also pick them up if they are to be returned. This means meeting with the customer in their home or workplace to pick up the item and return it to the store.

5. Pallet Shipments

When delivering to a large business or warehouse, couriers are required to deliver large pallet shipments. These shipments could be anything from grocery products for grocery stores to medication for pharmacies.

Some courier companies even offer their own warehousing so that companies don’t need to hire a third-party company to keep track of shipments.

These types of deliveries require different skills. For example, couriers delivering pallet shipments need to be in shape and have excellent customer service skills since they will be dealing with the staff at the warehouses or stores.

6. Luggage

In some cases, couriers even deliver luggage. This comes in handy if you’re relocating for work and sending your luggage over to your new destination.

A bonus of this type of service is that if you’re shipping fragile items or want some added protection for your valuable items, couriers have the ability to wrap your luggage in protective coverings.

7. Mail

The courier you might be most familiar with is the postal worker who delivers your mail each and every day. These couriers are dependable and reliable and show up to deliver your mail rain or shine. If you have a community mailbox, they deliver your mail there every day and then you pick it up at your leisure.

These days, postal workers also deliver small to medium-sized packages, depending on which company you ordered from.

Couriers, however, deliver a lot more than what is listed here, but this should give you a good idea of the different things couriers deliver every day.