7 Tips on How to Clean Foggy Headlights

There is no shortage of dangerous conditions present while on the road. Precipitation can make the roads slippery, while snow can make things exceptionally hazardous. Most of these are external factors, and can make driving more unsafe than it should be. What happens, then, when these factors affect the car itself?

Take, for instance, the condition of your headlights. Your automotive headlights are the most important components of your vehicle. These headlights should always be in a working order. If your headlights become foggy, this can pose numerous issues for everyone on the road.

Follow these tips on how to clean foggy headlights:

1. Cleaning Supplies

In order to clean foggy headlights, it’s important to gather all the necessary supplies. As with any cleaning or repair job, you’ll need to have the requisite tools on hand. Thankfully, cleaning your foggy headlights isn’t as laborious as other projects. The cleaning materials you will need, however, will be important for keeping them in a workable state.

Get your hands on some old rags or towels first and foremost. As for the cleaning solution you will use, you will have some options available. You can even make your own solution, which will primarily be made out of baking soda and vinegar. Also, water will be necessary, to rinse the cleanser off of your headlights.

2. Get Rid of Headlights Grime

Cleansing out your headlights of fog means that you’ll have to work with a clear surface first. If there is any visible grime or dirt obstructing the headlights, you have to clean it off. Use your cleanser, and spray a bit of it over each headlight. Then, wipe down the surface, and take a look at the result.

Sometimes, it takes more than a couple of sprays of your cleanser to reach a desirable result. If that is the case, give each headlight a couple more sprays and wipes. You should be able to get rid of all grime in question after a few sprays. If not, repeat the steps as necessary, to prepare it for your cleansing kit.

3. Apply Cleanser

That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now, you’ll have to apply the actual cleanser to the surface of your foggy headlight. Use a moderate amount of cleanser, as you’ll have to distribute it evenly across the surface. The cleanser should be able to stick to the surface to work; add some water in to make it thick.

The next important step is to just wait it out. Let the cleanser sit on the surface for about five to ten minutes. This allows all properties within the cleanser to work at its maximum capacity. After you are satisfied with your work, you are ready to begin the next stage of the process.

4. Clean in Circular Motions

Getting rid of the cleanser now is relatively easily, if done correctly. The last thing you’ll want while conducting this motion is to ruin the surface. Since the cleanser you are using is considered to be abrasive, the plastic surface is subject to penetration. Remove your cleanser efficiently, but carefully.

Work your way around each headlight as delicately as possible. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the surface, so that no area is left untouched. When you begin to see the foggy state of your headlights dissipate, you are on the right track. Conduct this step for about three to five minutes, until you are thoroughly content.

5. Clean the Headlights Again

Even the most meticulous cleaning jobs won’t be one hundred per cent complete on the first go-round. There may still be some residual cleanser left on your headlights. Should this be the case, spray some clean water over the surface. Then, carefully wipe the surface with your chosen rag, until it is completely clear.

6. Toothpaste Cleaning Method

In some instances, your headlights may be only slightly foggy. Using toothpaste, in this light, may be more efficient. Repeat the same preliminary steps here, as you did for the cleanser solution. When your headlight surface is clear, rub a bit of toothpaste onto the headlight. Scrub the surface in a delicate manner, until the surface appears visible again.

7. Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes, we simply don’t have the time. Should you fall under this category, restoring your headlights through a professional service may be your best option. Experts working in this area will use very specific methods, in order to remove the fogginess from your headlights. Afterwards, they will buff and polish them accordingly, to keep them from becoming dull again.

Our vehicles, no matter how much we take care of them, will always be physically affected. Whether it is due to the weather, or to circumstances of our own making, we should prepare for the worst. Thankfully, foggy headlights will be the least of our worries, before restoring them. Keep it rather simple, work gently, and you’ll have brighter headlights in no time at all!