How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent

Are you a real estate agent looking to up your game? Maybe you see the incredible success of your colleagues and want to rub shoulders with them.

Becoming a top real estate agent combines hard work, patience and a little luck from the market. Ultimately, those who are high achievers make their luck by taking matters into their own hands.

Do you want to produce like them? Here are five strategies for how to become a top real estate agent.

1. Real Estate Coaching

You get the training and tools required to start your business when you go through the steps of becoming a real estate agent. The problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know. You can observe the seasoned agents and get the advice of a mentor, but if you want to dominate your industry, you should get professional coaching.

Real estate coaching gives you an outside perspective on your market and the processes required to achieve results. Depending on what you want, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, online courses, and podcasts provide valuable in-depth training.

They use a variety of tactics to help you succeed and focus on lead generation, prospecting, sales skills, personal development and growth. They help you learn how to market yourself and building systems to achieve results. Boost your real estate career by getting real estate coaching.

2. Real Estate Partnerships

No one can reach the top on their own. You may be able to find some success by yourself but to be a top agent, and you need connections with other people in the industry. Form partnerships with all the players, including:

  • Builders
  • Sub-trades
  • Bankers
  • Interior designers
  • Lenders
  • Brokers

Add to this list and work together with them all, so everyone is successful. If you are willing to recommend other professionals to your clients, they will return the favour, so your business increases. This type of support is vital and will pay off over the long run as your network expands.

Don’t think of your fellow agents as competition, either. You can also team up with them to increase sales for both of you. When you deal with other agents in your office, words get around that you want to work with them. These partnerships are what the top producers build, and their sales record attests to how vital they are.

3. Real Estate Mentor

Experience is the best teacher as long as it’s someone else’s experience. You need to find a high-achieving real estate agent and take as much information and advice as possible. Top performers and industry veterans are out there; the most successful are usually those who will make time for you to share what they know.

Set up a lunch or coffee and ask if you can pick their brain. The knowledge you will take away will be priceless. A good mentor will give you feedback, guidance, and valuable advice. A mentorship happens over time as you implement what you have learned. Remember to be courteous and humble and, above all, thank them for their time and experience.

4. Online Real Estate Presence

You may have the gift of the gab and be a big-time hustler, but you are virtually invisible if people can’t find you on the web.

You not only need a website. You need to have a vibrant, evolving site that people are drawn to and stick around. It all starts with compelling content around all aspects of the market. You need amazing pictures and videos, current market trends, active listing, and other sought-after properties. Most important is your content. You need lots of engaging articles that answer all the questions your buyers and sellers have.

Social media is where people connect, communicate and search for things. Be part of the conversation and dominate the most popular platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. Become an expert and source for all things real estate and drive traffic back to your site.

5. Real Estate Expertise

To be a top producer, you must know all the details. This includes knowing what is for sale in your market, in all the niches areas, price points and comparables. You must be able to answer your client’s questions before they ask them.

Details to know include:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Transit options
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Crime rates
  • Job market
  • Interest rates
  • Lenders
  • Housing trends
  • Active listings

Knowing this and more will make you an expert and a trusted agent for people to do business with.

Being a top dog in any industry is tough, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Hard work and dedication are ahead, but by following these five strategies, you will see incredible growth as you soar towards being a top agent.