What Causes Lower Back and Hip Pain?

The human body was designed to be pushed beyond our inherent limits. That ultimately means that some physical actions can be surpassed due to how strong the body can be. However, just because the body may be quite durable does not mean it is invulnerable. As we age, we may begin to experience annoying bouts of pain.

Most of us may feel this pain in our lower back area. By extension, the lower back pain we feel could shift onto our hips. The pain can escalate quickly and become excruciating. You should visit a chiropractor clinic and seek ongoing treatments as soon as possible.

To get on the better care side, you should understand the causes of lower back and hip pain. Here are the eight causes of lower back and hip pain:

Cause #1: Age

Growing older is one of the leading causes of lower back and hip pain. Most of us will begin to feel our bodies not performing as normal as we approach middle age. Ultimately, this can result in many changes, most of which are not warranted.

Thankfully, chronic pain may not result from growing older unless a medical condition exists. You can probably avoid using normal treatment methods, such as daily exercise. Or, there may be other solutions provided by your health care specialist worth exploring.

Cause #2: Sprains

Even the youngest of us sometimes get into a rough accident with our bodies. If the accident, or physical impact, was severe enough, it may be the cause of lower back pain. Pain from physical encounters also has a sneaky way of shifting towards your hips. To rectify this scenario, always be sure to employ a sense of caution in your surroundings.

All it takes is one false move to turn your day upside down. Furthermore, the pain in this bodily area could last for days, even with the right treatments by your side. If you do happen to be in this predicament, getting in lots of rest for recovery purposes is key. Be sure to use the recommended medication to expedite getting better.

Cause #3: Consistent Injuries

Athletes know all too well how common it is to injure their bodies. Getting an injury can be certain for those who play high-contact sports. When this inevitably happens, you may feel aches in your lower back area. Those who play football, or rugby, may encounter these specific pains.

It is always recommended not to overburden your body when it is possible. Also, for athletes who go extra hard during training sessions, you are encouraged to level down a bit. While it is key to always save your best for the game, there is no point if you just injure yourself!

Cause #4: Hip Flexor Strains

Even though hip pain is, by and large, an extension of lower back pain, it can be experienced on its own. Specifically, some of us may have tight hip flexors as we age. The hip flexors are the muscles that extend from the hips towards the knees. If these are not engaged daily, they could potentially become strained.

Cause #5: Medical Conditions

While taking care of our bodies as they age is crucial, sometimes, all of your efforts may be for nothing. Case in point, some medical conditions may bring about the onset of lower back pain in higher magnitudes. Sciatica, a condition of sharp pains shooting throughout the back, is one such cause that requires constant care and attention.

Cause #6: Herniated Disk

On the other hand, a herniated disk may also prove to be the basis of lower back and hip pain. This involves the disks between your vertebrae slipping out, putting immense pressure on the nerves. If care is not sought after as soon as possible, the aches you experience will worsen. Seek out the right assistance if needed, as it can be simple enough to solve on its own!

Cause #7: Arthritis

Other medical conditions can cause pain in your lower back and hip areas. Arthritis can still be troublesome while not an excruciating condition like sciatica. In some scenarios, it can be chronic; be sure to speak to your health care provider to get the right treatments.

Cause #8: Rare Disorders

Chronic medical conditions may be the initial cause of lower back and hip pain to manifest. In some other, rarer situations, the pain could arise from genetic diseases. For example, Paget’s disease, a disease-causing bones to shift abnormally, could be experienced. While it is somewhat uncommon, the right care and treatments are available to stop your pain!