Top Four Reasons to Enrol Your Child in Child Care

If you are a working parent who is in need of someone to watch your child while you are at work, consider putting them in a child care centre. The thought of putting your child under the care of strangers may sound intimidating, but you can rest assured that a proper child care centre is well-equipped with the best professionals and supplies necessary to take care of your child in the best way possible. If you are still unsure about child care centres, keep reading to learn about the top four benefits of enrolling your child in a child care centre.

1. Being Social

For the first few months of their lives, your child may not have socialized much with others. In fact, the child may not know anyone outside of their immediate family and may seem like they are permanently attached to you at the hip. But after a certain point, it’s important to expose your child to social settings to help them develop even further. At a child care centre, your child will be surrounded by children their age as well as other adults who make your child’s well-being their priority.

2. Build up an Immune System

Of course, no parent wants their child to get sick. However, this is bound to happen at a child care centre with so many children in such close proximity. Luckily, a bout of the common cold early on in childhood can be a good thing. These germs help build up and toughen your child’s immune system so that their bodies will be better prepared to fight off germs as they get older. By the time your child is school-aged, their bodies will have all of the defences they need to prevent them from getting sick more often.

3. Academics

A child care centre is more than just a group of glorified babysitters. As a matter of fact, each classroom consists of a curriculum that involves important lessons your child can benefit from. These lessons focus on developing their cognitive skills so that they have the skills they need when they go to school. Studies have found that children who were placed in a child care centre like Wee Watch prior to attending school had better language and cognitive development during their first few years of life as well as strong math and reading skills compared to other kids who didn’t attend a child care centre.

4. Better Behaviour

Oftentimes, children who have not been exposed to other kids their age may not know how to behave properly. For example, they may have a hard time sharing. Children who attend child care centres, however, have shown to exhibit better behaviour due to the social skills they have learned from constant interaction at a child care centre. These children have also been able to develop problem-solving skills that will help them not just when they enter school, but throughout their lives as well.